protecting objects

_-¯-_ jdl at
Fri Jan 5 12:47:15 CET 2001

 |I was always wondering if it would be possible to have
 |an interface-less pd. Since there is the loadbang object, it is quite
 |plausible to have a patch that does everything it needs to do without any
 |user interaction at all (or perhaps only interacts via midi or some other
 |non-gui method).
 |There would need to be an "exit" object tho, so that pd could close itself
 |when it was finished.

guenther had/has a -nogui version of pd somewhere ...

additionally you can do 

pd quit;

which might do the "exit" job ..

 |A little crzy, but it would permit the creation of 'command line' tools in
 |pd. Possibly commandline arguments could be fed into the $1, $2.. etc
 |positional parameters.

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