Hardisc recording/playing

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Sat Mar 3 22:54:09 CET 2001


I would like to know if the low-latency patches for the linux kernel improve the
reliability of the disc i/o objects (readsf~ writesf~ sfread~ etc..)

I have not made an extensive testing but with all of them, despite having some
SCSI stuff and decent CPUs, I get cliks and pops even with a few tracks (8 monos
or so).

I tried different amounts of buffer without managing to get a reliable
solution, with the pd audiobuf setting and with the buffer arg of readsf~
In fact I know that I can read easily more than 24 monos tracks with
"broadcast2000" which is a multitrack recorder for linux... Why cannot get this
kind of performance with PD ?

So 1) have you the same poor performance with PD disc i/o objects ?
2) Is it specific to pd linux ?
3) Do i set something not as it should ?
4) Is it because of no special optmisation in pd for disc i/o ? 
5) how much tracks can you play on which hardware ?
6) Does The patchs for the linux kernel solves the problem, some facts ?

Thx for any help,


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