Hardisc recording/playing

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Tue Mar 13 14:48:33 CET 2001

Le Sun, 11 Mar 2001, guenter geiger a écrit :

> > So 1) have you the same poor performance with PD disc i/o objects ?
> > 5) how much tracks can you play on which hardware ?
> I am able to read 24 tracks easily, writting is another issue. What
> computer do you have ? Its on a 500 Mhz, IDE disk with DMA enabled.

I have a dual 400 with scsi and fast hardisc and 128 mb.
performances reported were with the standard readsf~ object.
> > 2) Is it specific to pd linux ?
> > 3) Do i set something not as it should ?
> > 4) Is it because of no special optmisation in pd for disc i/o ? 
> I am not sure about the builtin objects (readsf~ writesf~), but
> I can't think of any further optimization in sfread~ and sfwrite~.
> (Doesn't mean that there is no way to do it faster ...)
> Guenter

Meanwhile I have tested the sfread~ and sfplay~ provided in your  
external lib, and I have to say they seem to work better. 
EXCEPT that they load everything in ram, aren't they ? 
I have just made the test to open 8 tracks or so with sfread~ and pd memory
size kept growing until it dies with "broken pipe". 




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