using gem+linux for gigs (was Re: Gem segfault)

Timmy B tim at
Wed Mar 28 12:41:35 CEST 2001

HI Pix, Miller and others

the way I have this running is to seperate the
control to a laptop and the rendering to a linux box with a
good graphics card. i use netsend/netreceive to send info from the
laptop to
a patch i have written on the box which opens the gem window
at maximum size. i use pd -nogui on the box to get rid of the gui. i use
twm as the window manager as it should be the simplest and fastest. i
added my own .twmrc to remove title bars and boundaries from
the window, but i cannot get the positioning requests to be
honoured, so i have to drag the top left corner of the gem window
to the top left corner of the screen manually. suggestions

i chose netsend as the control mech because i believe it would
be the simplest and fastest rather than using some remote
control / X-window confusion.

this is planned also to be very portable - for a workshop
i need only take the video card and linux install CDs, all
the extra code is on the laptop, so i can de-Bill a PC
at the venue and make it do clever (well, half-clever)
things [hopefully] quite quickly....



Miller Puckette wrote:
> This should work... you can feed Pd a command line option "-guicmd" to
> set how Pd will start the GUI up, which could use rsh to start up on another
> machine, or even set the DISPLAY variable.  In either case Gem's window
> should start up on the machine Pd is running on.
> I got this working once but I have another problem, which is that I don;t have
> a good way of sizing and positioning the Gem window to cover all of the
> display.  Should be easy, but it didn't just work instantly when I tried it.
> cheers
> Miller
> >
> > my current thought is to have the pd interface on another machine using
> > the new gui options... i dont know if this is a possibility tho (i havent
> > tried it yet)... also if it did work, would the gem window open up on the
> > machine running pd or on the machine running pd-gui (i'm hoping it would
> > open on the machine running pd).
> >
> > pix.

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