using gem+linux for gigs (was Re: Gem segfault)

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Thu Mar 29 18:41:12 CEST 2001

I'm really interested in the 'remote gui' option rather than the
netsend/receive option, as it doesnt really require any functional changes
to existing patches. but at the moment im not in a oaition to test it,
only having the one pc. but real soon now i'll be getting a laptop
(curently in the 10-14 business days tease-zone), so i'll probably give it
a whirl then. 

another thing i hadn't thought about until today was looking into the
possibility of using multiple gfx cards under x4. it might not be
possible, but if it were possible to do multi-head using two different
kinds of cards (i know its possible with expensive cards that support
multihead) than you could just have the gem window appearing on whichever
one has video out. maybe i'm ascribing mythical superpowers to x4 here :)

also, a friend forwarded me some mailing list exceprts about huge
latencies using usb-audio solutions on laptops under windows (using
audiomulch). has anyone on this list played with usb-audio (especially
under linux), and what kind of latencies have they got? i'm hoping the
latency isnt inherent in usbaudio, but i wouldnt be surprised if it was... 

(then again, my current patch has so much inherent latency, that this
wouldnt really be a problem for me anyhow, but i'm just curious).

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Timmy B wrote:

> HI Pix, Miller and others
> the way I have this running is to seperate the
> control to a laptop and the rendering to a linux box with a
> good graphics card. i use netsend/netreceive to send info from the
> laptop to
> a patch i have written on the box which opens the gem window
> at maximum size. i use pd -nogui on the box to get rid of the gui. i use
> twm as the window manager as it should be the simplest and fastest. i
> have
> added my own .twmrc to remove title bars and boundaries from
> the window, but i cannot get the positioning requests to be
> honoured, so i have to drag the top left corner of the gem window
> to the top left corner of the screen manually. suggestions
> welcome
> i chose netsend as the control mech because i believe it would
> be the simplest and fastest rather than using some remote
> control / X-window confusion.
> this is planned also to be very portable - for a workshop
> i need only take the video card and linux install CDs, all
> the extra code is on the laptop, so i can de-Bill a PC
> at the venue and make it do clever (well, half-clever)
> things [hopefully] quite quickly....
> haha
> tm
> Miller Puckette wrote:
> > 
> > This should work... you can feed Pd a command line option "-guicmd" to
> > set how Pd will start the GUI up, which could use rsh to start up on another
> > machine, or even set the DISPLAY variable.  In either case Gem's window
> > should start up on the machine Pd is running on.
> > 
> > I got this working once but I have another problem, which is that I don;t have
> > a good way of sizing and positioning the Gem window to cover all of the
> > display.  Should be easy, but it didn't just work instantly when I tried it.
> > 
> > cheers
> > Miller
> > 
> > >
> > > my current thought is to have the pd interface on another machine using
> > > the new gui options... i dont know if this is a possibility tho (i havent
> > > tried it yet)... also if it did work, would the gem window open up on the
> > > machine running pd or on the machine running pd-gui (i'm hoping it would
> > > open on the machine running pd).
> > >
> > > pix.
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