[PD] pd under Windows 98 ?

Bob Falesch raf at interaccess.com
Fri May 4 19:29:21 CEST 2001

> I run on win 95/98 and ME
> It's pretty stable.. I occasionally get errors where the cursor won't switch
> into/out of edit mode
> and basically the keyboard input is lost, 

i experience this often (perhaps: usually), and i think
it's related to opening a subpatch and going between it
and the parent patch. once the keyboard input is lost
(or: confused), i think it's lost for all subpatches. 
i've seen this on win-2k and w-98.  many times i've
noticed that the cursor will change to the edit mode,
but the menu dropdown for edit mode is unchecked... 
then when you control-e (or, pull down the menu if
you've lost keyboard input), the cursor goes to locked
mode, but the dropdown then has edit mode checked. 

B o b   F a l e s c h

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