[PD] Cracks and pops from my sound card!!!

Alfonso Acosta alfonso_acosta_mail at yahoo.es
Sun May 13 02:57:22 CEST 2001

 I finally managed to compile pd and it at least
opens(thanks to Norbert Math  and Miller Puckette) Now
my problem is that when I press in the help menu "test
audio and midi" and then I press in "test tone" I hear
cracks and pops all the time (I think I should hear a
sine wave tone). The pan or balance works.  
 First I thougt there was  a problem with my driver. I
use an alsa driver with a creative soundblaster 512
pci card. 'alsaconf' detects a soundblaster live!, and
I think its ok cause it  has the same chipset as mine
(I'm not totally sure). When alsaconf plays a sound
sample (the one I hear when  I open linux) I hear it
with cracks and pops too.  The point is that I don't
have that problem with other applications (such as mp3
and Cd players)   or even when I hear the same sample
opening linux !!
What should I do?


Alfonso Acosta

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