[PD] speech synthesis ...

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Sat Jun 23 17:29:58 CEST 2001


I'm passing on a recent request from a friend I'm trying to talk into using
more open source sw (now he is using supercollider and logic for most of his
stuff) who asked me if I knew of any (ideally realtime adjustable) speech
synthesis tool based on pd or csound or the like (RTCmix anyone ?)
For now all I could come up with was (nonrealtime) using rsynth, some kind
of score file and a perl script to parse it and generate a sample.
Also using guenthers |shell| object and d13bs |piperead~| might be an option
(using the IMO pretty flexible rsynht engine aswell), and I remember seeing 
the millers finest example patch for jmax (which won't perform well enough 
on my [l|cr]aptop though ...)

has anyone worked on such things ?

all thoughts welcome


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