[PD] -rt -nogui

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Jul 12 17:10:38 CEST 2001

hi all !

just wondering:
when i use "pd -rt" i have very stable audio-output, even at a cpu-load of
80% and more, i can do almost anything i want.
since my patch is quite heavy and i want to run it without any bips and
pops, i decided to separate the audio-engine and the GUI into 2 tasks
communicating via netsend/netreceive
(so they could be run on different computers if needed)

since i am now working on only one single pc, i normally start 2 pd's, one
with audio enabled and the "-rt" flag, the other (the GUI) with audio
i do not want to stiff it all together into one big audio-GUI patch for
the reasons mentioned above (and because i used quite a lot sends and
receives with the same name. i would have to rewrite the whole thing, to
make it run again)

while developing i did not encounter any problems with this setting.
unfortunately i NOW do not want the audio-engine be visible when  the
whole thing is started (my GUI is very beautiful...)
therefore my clever self has remembered the "-nogui" flag, BUT:
when started with "-nogui" (and with or without "-rt") i am not able to
move my mouse without actually hearing it (nice, but i do not want this
it seems like the -nogui flag removes the -rt things (though, the task is
still running as suid)

any ideas ?
what is this -nogui thing for, if everything behaves worse when using it ?
shouldn't it gain performance ?


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