[PD] GrIPD: A new front-end GUI builder for PD

Yuuta Nakayama t99685yn at sfc.keio.ac.jp
Fri Jul 13 05:45:41 CEST 2001

i installed python 1.52 and it works verrry fine!

> Hmmm, I suppose the first thing to do is figure out whether it's the PD
> object that's not accepting or the python GUI that's not connecting.  What
> I would do is create a gripd object in pd with port 23 and telnet to it.
> Just put "gripd 23" in pd then send it a "connect" message, then open up
> your telnet client and connect to If it connects, GrIPD will
> say so in the console. Then send a "disconnect" message to the PD object.
> Your telnet client should display "!disconnect:0|" and then disconnect if
> all is good.

i tested this and got connection to PD, so gripd object seems to work.

> To test the python part, I would go get a dummy server. You can get
> Tambu Dummy Server at:
> http://www.xploiter.com/tambu/tambudummy.shtml
> Set the port to 3490 and the protocal to TCP and have it start listening.
> Then open grip.py and connect (from the file menu). If you add a button
> control you should see something like "!setRcvr:rbutton0|" in the dummy
> server if all is good there.

I wrote simple dummy server using python and tested, but still the
GUI part failes to connect, so the ploblem is in this part.

I think it must be compativility ploblem between python 1.52 and 2.1.
it is amazing that we can build my own gui like(rather, more
effectively!) reaktor.

thanks a lot!  


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