[PD] Self-construction &

HENRY Damien damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jul 15 19:31:15 CEST 2001

Dear list.

I'm creating some documentation about how PD can manage self-construction of 
patch. (a patch can create an other one... )

My work is based on *pdscript* by Guenter (thanks) and g_canvas.c + u_main.tk.

It's currently only a directory to add in /doc/7.stuff/ with 3 patchs to show 
how to create things from pd. + *pdscript* + a tcl that create a sub-patch in 

To acheive this work i'll need some more informations about how we can use pd 
via a socket.

I curently don't kown : 
* how removing an (obj/msg/etc..) in a patch.
* how unconnecting (obj/msg/etc..)
* how showing or hiding a sub patch
* what it's possible to do and what's is not...

where can i find more information about it ?

by the way, i'm very interested about how pd work.
where can i find documentaion about it ?
what are the most importants files in the code ? 


Damien HENRY.
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