[PD] clisp / pd-nogui

Ricardo Climent R.Climent at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Thu Jul 26 20:51:44 CEST 2001

>pd-new connect 7 0 0 0;
>// turn on audio;
>pd dsp 1;
>// and ... control it the first word is the name of the receive above;
>freq 500 4000;
>// that's it, there will be several things to figure out, but by writing;
>// this patch down in ascii I get the feeling that coding pd in lisp;
>// will be a killer ... defininitely.;
>// we will be able to automate lots of things I had to do by hand here;

I can´t remember who wrote this quote as part of the documentation to write PD 
patches without the GUI. What do you mean with 'coding pd in clisp will be a 
killer'? Could you provide an clisp example to write pd-nogui files?

best wishes
Ricardo Climent

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