[PD] clisp / pd-nogui

HENRY Damien damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Fri Jul 27 04:46:36 CEST 2001

Le Jeudi 26 Juillet 2001 14:51, Ricardo Climent a écrit :
> >pd-new connect 7 0 0 0;
> >// turn on audio;
> >pd dsp 1;
> >// and ... control it the first word is the name of the receive above;
> >freq 500 4000;
> >// that's it, there will be several things to figure out, but by writing;
> >// this patch down in ascii I get the feeling that coding pd in lisp;
> >// will be a killer ... defininitely.;
> >// we will be able to automate lots of things I had to do by hand here;
> I can´t remember who wrote this quote as part of the documentation to write
> PD patches without the GUI. What do you mean with 'coding pd in clisp will
> be a killer'? Could you provide an clisp example to write pd-nogui files?

This "> >//" was write by Guenter Geiger.
You can find all his work (no, only pdscript !) in the documentation I have 
post on the list jul 23.

You'll find too a script in TCL that show how to send message to pd (both in 
guy or no-gui mode) using socket.

I don't know clisp, but if it allow to use socket, then it will be very easy 
to drive or construct some pd patch with the no-gui option...

I guess that pdscript from guenter can work both in gui and no-gui mode (you 
just have to specify -nogui -open /rigth_path/lisp.pd)

I hope this help.

Damien HENRY

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