[PD] VST Plugins in PD

nullpointer nullpointer at odessadesign.co.uk
Sat Jul 28 11:41:55 CEST 2001

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a lib or method of using VST plugins within the pd
I know a lib exists for MAX/msp but i wondered if anyone had got one that
works with pd?


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Date: 27 July 2001 17:48
Subject: Re: [PD] mac ?explain?

>I think, however, that requiring Pd users to install XonX and then TK on
>top of it is a bit too much, which is why I've been holding out for a
>native osX version of TK to use instead.
>On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 11:46:39PM -0400, Karl MacMillan wrote:
>> XonX is now part of the main XFree86 distribution (www.xfree86.org). What
>> is there is full screen (i.e. it completely covers the native gui, but
>> can switch back and forth easily). The 'rootless' X server (that allows
>> you to display X applications along side native ones) is alpha and
>> really work reliably.  It should happen soon though.
>> Karl
>> On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Christian Klippel wrote:
>> > hi all,
>> >
>> > though im not informed about the status, i just wanted to inform you
>> > that there is an XonX available for mac os x that allows execution of
>> > x-windows programs under max-os, while the carbon-based gui is running.
>> > if interrested, i will search out the links.
>> > with this it should be possible to use a x-based application on max os
>> > and even more, if im right informed, tk is already ported to darwin
>> >
>> > greets,
>> >
>> > chris
>> >

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