[PD] Newbie Alert - audio processing

Ben Sommer ben at bensommer.com
Sat Jul 28 20:32:43 CEST 2001

Hi, I've been messing with PD a few months, and am getting the hang of it
finally. Seems to me that, like people say, it is a programming language -
but a pretty primitive one, i.e. there aren't many pre-fab objects and nifty
tools that I can just plug in and use. I gotta do most operations the long
way (meaning I've gotta think about what to do...ugh!) So here's my

I've worked up a sampler that I know how to use (unlike the ones in the help
files, which I can't figure out yet). I can loop it, use the metro to do
some things, etc. BUT HOW do I insert some processing between the table-read
and the final output. I try just running it through a bp~ or a vcf~ or
whatever and nothing much happens. What is the LOGIC people use to process
these signals and do stuff with 'em? I can figure out how to alter a
synthesized sound, using the pre-made sythesizers, but I'm at a loss for
doing something similar with an audio sample. If anyone would care to share
an actual patch, that would be great. In fact, the wikiWeb thing at the pd
site would be a nice place to put things for newbies like me to reference.
Someday I hope to share my stuff with others.


-Ben Sommer

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