[PD] reading a list of numbers simultaneously

cormac mccann cormacmccann at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 8 21:32:31 CEST 2001

Dear colleagues,

I have a list of x,y values
which are to be read as frequency varying with time.
i.e point (time,frequency)

Some frequencies must therefore be sounded at the same moment of time
i.e. (1,100)(1,200)(1,300)

How could I get an Pd instrument(e.g. simple oscillator) to read all 
frequency values at X=1,
in harmony,as it were.

I have tried to use arrays
but they only read one y value at a time.

I tried to unpack a qlist but
unpack will only unpack 2 elements at one time

I need to unpack 30 elements from a list/textfile  at one time.

I would be grateful of any comments

My final product will be a musical protrayal of the Mandelbrot set.


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