[PD] Perfect world setup. Recommendations?

a. mokan adam at mookie-net.com
Tue Aug 7 15:57:44 CEST 2001

I have been playing with PD for a few weeks now and I am intrigued by the
concept of using PD and GEM for performance.

I am planning to build a new computer in the next few weeks and wanted some

1) Is Linux still the best as far as latency is concerned?

2) I plan on buying the Hammerfall card. Is anyone using the 4 analog output
card with it? Is this still the best option for PD?

3) Is there dual-proc support?

4) Finally, (not trying to start a war on this...) what processor is
recommended? P3, P4, or DDR Athalon?

5) Anyone using a Phatboy or similar midi knob/fader box? Any

I apologize for the flame bait on this but I want to put something together
that will help me get the most out of pd.

Thanks for the great software!

-adam mokan

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