[PD] notebook (PC) for creation of sound ?

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Fri Aug 10 11:23:36 CEST 2001

the safest answer is that the quality is normally crap.

lots of issues are present like grounding problems (AC-hum) and general
electrical noise. laptops have most of the noise problems that most pc
soundcards have (emr from the cpu/videocard) but worse because everything
is packed in so much closer.

but then again, depending on the kind of places you are intending on
performing, it might not matter. the only problem i have had on night-club
quality (?) pa's is the comparatively low output level of my laptop
(because it distorts at higher volumes), but this can be compensated for.
infact, i have had similar problems with desktop pc's.

if you want audiophile-quality sound, then you can look into some kind of
outboard usb/firewire da converter. firewire probably being the smarter
choice for multichannel (most usb models rarely have more than
stero-output, they opt for lots of inputs).

there are also some supposedly high end pcmcia soundcards which are quite
expensive ($1000US) but i haven't heard one.


On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 09:52:46 +0200
"Andrey Savitsky" <savitsky3000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hi
> Is there anybody in the list who uses a notebook (PC) for creation of
> sound
> ?
> I`d like to buy one for mobility but can not find any answer on the
> question
> of quality of sound.
> In specifications for some notebooks stands only "SBpro compatible
> stereo
> sound" comment.
> I dont know what does it mean, becouse it's just driver-standart, no
> more.
> Would it be enough quality (of a soundcard) for making sound? Have any
> experience?
> Thanks.
> Andrey.
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