[PD] notebook (PC) for creation of sound ?

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thank you pix for important notes


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> the safest answer is that the quality is normally crap.
> lots of issues are present like grounding problems (AC-hum) and general
> electrical noise. laptops have most of the noise problems that most pc
> soundcards have (emr from the cpu/videocard) but worse because everything
> is packed in so much closer.
> but then again, depending on the kind of places you are intending on
> performing, it might not matter. the only problem i have had on night-club
> quality (?) pa's is the comparatively low output level of my laptop
> (because it distorts at higher volumes), but this can be compensated for.
> infact, i have had similar problems with desktop pc's.
> if you want audiophile-quality sound, then you can look into some kind of
> outboard usb/firewire da converter. firewire probably being the smarter
> choice for multichannel (most usb models rarely have more than
> stero-output, they opt for lots of inputs).
> there are also some supposedly high end pcmcia soundcards which are quite
> expensive ($1000US) but i haven't heard one.
> pix.
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