[PD] maestro ess3 NOT STEREO input

Gregorio García ggkarman at airtel.net
Sun Aug 12 19:13:46 CEST 2001


Sorry for the preceding message that was automaticly sent before i finished
all tests, THIS IS WHAT IS TRUE and not what i said in my preceding message
answering you.

In Win (ME, maestroESS 3 driver) the input is NOT stereo. Sorry for my first
wrong appreciations. Plugging a stereo source in the input both in windows
and linux is treated as a mono source leaving out one of the channels. So in
pd both adc~1 and adc~2 output the same (mono) signal that matches just one
of the channels channel of the stereo signal you plug in the input, although
recording from CD works fine outputting a stereo signal. Plugging in a
stereo source in windows produces the same behaviour.

The techincal spec sheet states that A/D and D/A is 16 bit stereo though.
The soundcard input plug has a little MIC painted on it and its behaviour IS
as if it were a standard mono mic input. The input is controlled in both
mixers (win&linux) by the MIC input fader (maybe this has something to do
with the mono trouble?).  The Win mixer has a +20 dB switch to handle
both line and mic levels.

By the way the right soundcard model is Maestro ESS 3, chip 1980

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> On Sat, 11 Aug 2001 18:39:15 +0200
> "G.G Karman" <ggkarman at airtel.net> wrote:
> > My lap has also a built-in soundcard ESS maestro 3 (number 1870 i
> > think),
> > but in my case i/o is limited to just 1 mono input and stereo out (the
> > output quality isnt too bad).
> hey there, i have the same card in my laptop, and the same mono-input
> limitation... but when i bought it, they told me that the input was
> stereo... i have a feeling that this is a flaw in the linux driver, but
> i've never been able to test this under windows because i have a
> linux-only install. can you remember if the input is stereo/mono under
> windows?
> tnx
> pix.

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