[PD] qlist confused

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Fri Aug 17 17:51:45 CEST 2001

On 8/17/01 9:39 AM, "Krzysztof Czaja" <czaja at chopin.edu.pl> wrote:

> hi,
> Michal Seta wrote:
> ...
>> 100 qlist_next next;
> ...
> I think this means that you are trying to use qlist recursively,
> and (have not checked it though) qlist_donext() is not reentrant.


> Remember that in Pd there is no 'message queue' or 'message
> dispacher' of any sort -- messages are being sent immediately,
> ie. sending a message simply means calling a method (if target
> exists).

Aha!  I forgot that!

> Thus if processing one 'next' request involves sending another
> 'next' request then this second request is handled through
> recursive invocation of the very same code that still has not
> finished handling the first request (and probably has not yet
> pulled out the final semicolon from current line -- just a guess).

Thanks, I guess the same...  I managed to get through the errors by delaying
things a bit around...

Now I'm trying to do it in a _completely_ different way...  so many ways, so
little time.


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