[PD] qlist confused

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Fri Aug 17 22:51:54 CEST 2001

I've also noticed that qlist (also pack!) aren't reentrant.  I'll try to get
qlist fixed at lest for the next release.  Pack is more subtle... beware
reentering it for now...


On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 01:32:38AM -0400, Michal Seta wrote:
> hi people,
> Is it only me or is qlist getting confused when one tries to send too many
> messages at once.
> I have a file that sends messages to various parts in my patch including
> qlist (I've attached a [receive] box to it and send it "next" message from
> time to time).  Some lines have small small delay times (100-300) some have
> none (say 3-10 lines in a row).   Qlist returns an error saying that there's
> no method for x (x = message's destination).  So at the same time when I
> have a [receive qlist_next] attached to qlist and I have a line in my text
> file:
> 100 qlist_next next;
> qlist says: error: qlist: no method for 'qlist_next'
> and it prints no method for '<some other destination>' as well.
> Ideas?
> ./MiS
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