[pd] delread~

pix pix at test.at
Mon Aug 27 11:13:49 CEST 2001

On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 16:55:49 +0200
Gregorio García <ggkarman at airtel.net> wrote:

> Hi list,
> Im trying to buid a patch that processes live input. My wish is i could
> have
> some kind of buffer where i could continuously write the input signal
> (something like a circular qeue?), and arbitrarily read fragments of
> sound
> within that buffer. I thought of delwrite~/ delread~ pairs to implement
> this, but i would like to be able to specify the position and total
> length
> of the audio fragments i want to read in samples (does this make
> sense?). Is
> the delay amount limited to block size (64 samples? = DSP cycle?)
> multiples
> (64samples, 128 samples, 194 samples, etc...)?

any way that you are going to do this, you are undoubtedly going to have
to use the "block~" object to change the frame size.

> Could i use tabsend~/tabreceive~ for this purpose?. What is the usual
> way of
> using tabsend~/tabreceive~ ? (could you point out an example?). What
> input
> paramerters can tabreceive~ handle?

tabsend~/receive~ also are locked to the frame size, so you would again
have to use "block~" to change it

>  Is there a better way for doing this?

i think the delay + block version will maybe get you what you want. note
you can use the vd~ object to read the delay if you need to specify the
read point at audio-rate instead of control-rate (... ick, csound
terminology on the pdlist!)


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