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Tue Aug 28 02:09:13 CEST 2001

  The biggest problem is that when rendering is turned on, GEM traverses the
entire hierarchy to build a network behind the scenes.  This means that once
the hierarchy is built, no messages go through the normal pd connection
mechanisms.  In other words, if the objects cannot establish a connection
when rendering is turned on, they will never be connected once you are

  The other problem is that an external mechanism controls the running of
the hierarchy (GemMan), so individual objects can't stop the processing.  It
could be possible to modify gem to allow for an "abort", but it would take
some low level changes.

  I will think about this a bit more, though, and see if there might be some
way to deal with it.

Later, Mark

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> Subject: gemlist_switching
> hello,
> i am a passionate gem user, but i`m not a i have the 
> following question:
> i want to route the "gem list" from/to several separators to 
> change the 
> hierachy of the 3dmodels in my patch. i`ve tried it with the 
> spigot object, 
> without success. i`ve also tried it with l2s and l2i (zexy) 
> also without 
> success. the problem is, i dont know what kind of information 
> is running 
> through the gem list and if its possible to use non-gem 
> objects within the 
> gemlist?
> thanks
> rainer
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