[PD] Can't get PD/RME9652 even close to working

andreas.poegl a.poegl at progressive-art.org
Wed Aug 29 12:37:55 CEST 2001

On 29 Aug 2001 08:33:58 -0000, Nick Rothwell wrote:
>I'm trying and totally failing to get PD working with a=
>(System: Red Hat 7.1 - kernel 2.4.2. Using the PD 0.33P2 RPM.)
>The rme96xx module doesn't install cleanly. "make install"=
>due to a macro fault in the Makefile:
..edit the path settings to your kernel in the makefile....
inshure to use the latest version of pd and the rme drivers: 
after that it worked, and no need for the ctrl tool within pd by 
using usind adat.converters
cu andreas

-- andreas.poegl, a.poegl at progressive-art.org on 29.08.2001

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