[PD] [FRAMESTEIN] Some questions about video

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Thu Aug 30 01:46:07 CEST 2001


some questions were aroused today 
by my video-artist friend and, well, 
I submit them to you, Juha Vehviläinen <jusu at iki.fi>,
through the pd list because they are of a general interest :

a/ we noticed that a frame is able to load a video AND 
separate images at the same time,
but images are always ON TOP of the video,
the only way of removing them is to send 
a "clear" message to the frame
and this makes you loose all the loaded images.
can we hope that they will behave as layers one day
so that we could show an image or the video ??
it could be a switch mode or a transparency effect
( would prefer the later, of course ).

b/ is there a way that a frame could be sent 
to a video specific card like a Miro DC30 ??

c/ as i'm not hopping a positive answer to point b/
( I'm quite ignorant of Direct X but I know it's not open tech,
so it must be a tough matter to redirect output ),
we'd be grateful if there would be a video recording object one day.

The goal of points b/ and c/ is to record the work you do in real-time.

Thanks for clarifications.

Yves Degoyon
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