[PD] Can't get PD/RME9652 even close to working

Nick Rothwell nick at cassiel.com
Sat Sep 1 18:13:52 CEST 2001

> lsmod should give you something like this:
> Module                  Size  Used by
> es1371                 30128   0
> ac97_codec              8736   0 [es1371]
> rme96xx                13136   0
> sound                  63136   0 (unused)
> soundcore               4592   8 [es1371 rme96xx sound]

So far so good - I managed to get "soundcore" and "rme96xx" loaded.

> ./configure  --enable-rme

Also fine.

> start pd *without* option -rme, e.g.

The documentation says that "-rme" is to use Ritch's 9652
driver. Isn't this what we're doing?

> pd -inchannels 8 -outchannels 8

Doesn't work. It launches, sometimes gives me

	OSS: requested audio buffer size 14112 limited to 4096

(are we supposed to be using OSS at all?) and then just says

	Pd: system call timed out

at which stage it's essentially dead; the GUI thread is running but

Specifying "-verbose" suggests that this is coming from OSS.

So I try "pd -verbose -rme" and get as far as "RME open" before it
just fails in the way I described (failing to find the entries in

Aside: comment from Andreas Poegl (I think: the PD list archive is out
of date so I can't see the details) about the path settings for
rme96xx: nope. The Makefile is broken since (in Red Hat 7.1) the first
line of version.h is now a #include, not a definition of UTS_RELEASE.

Oh, and the xrmectrl program still appears nonfunctional.

Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong? At this stage I'm thinking
of completely giving up on PD as a viable option for this project.


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