[PD] Can't get PD/RME9652 even close to working

guenter geiger geiger at epy.co.at
Tue Sep 4 15:34:44 CEST 2001

On 2 Sep 2001, Nick Rothwell wrote:
> (i) Fetch and build the standard PD (I'm on 0.33 patch 2), no RME
>     options;
> (ii) Fetch, build and install the rme96xx module (I `insmod' it after
> soundcore in /etc/rc.d/rc.local).

Test the card with a simple soundapp, like #> play blah.wav ...
If this works, you have at least a working card/driver ...

> (iii) run PD with no driver options.
> My understanding is that this will run PD using OSS, but with
> multichannel support via the rme96xx driver. Am I right so far?
> I think this bit is the key (and I quote):
> 	OSS: issuing first ADC 'read' ... Pd: system call timed out
> 	...done.

if the card works (checked with the play command), then it is still
possible that the open call is to slow on your hardware, ..

change in s_linux.c: oss_open_audio(..)
occurences of sys_setalarm(1000000); 
to sys_setalarm(5000000);

and recompile, ...

> The rmectrl program reports a load of stuff which looks kosher, but I
> don't know how much this can be trusted...

if the rmectrl works there is a good chance that your hardware works.
.. There will be a day when I will find the time to improve the
rmectrl program ...

TO check if the card loaded correctly you can issue a 
> dmesg
which will show you a short message about loading the rme96xx module ..

(... sorry for the delay, but I was sort of busy lately ..)


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