[PD] Student looking for some PD advice

Josh Tonsfeldt joshtonsfeldt at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 19:23:34 CEST 2001

I am a student at SUNY Purchase, taking a sound art course under Liz 
Phillips this semester, and I am interested in learning my way around PD for 
use in some projects.  Can anyone point me to some good tutorials or 
information on learning PD?  I have read through most of the documentation 
that comes with the program, but I am still kind of lost.  This type of 
software environment is pretty new to me, and I know there is a steep 
learning curve, but I think it will be well worth my time and effort to 
become comfortable with the program.  If anyone has any advice or comments, 
I would greatly appreciate them.  Max/MSP, PD, and the like have not, as far 
as I know, ever been instructed or used at my school; so, by learning more 
about this program I will also be introducing it to many other students and 
instructors who could benefit from PD.


Josh Tonsfeldt

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