[PD] joystick object install

Donna Hewitt donnahewitt at redline.net.au
Sat Sep 8 13:00:00 CEST 2001

hi all

sorry for the newbie question - its my first few days on pd!

i have downloaded the joystick object and am trying to get it happening with a 
usb microsoft sidewinder precision pro, running under windows 98

i am not too sure about where to put the unzipped files.

i have put them in the 'extra' directory in a folder i created called

this is what i get when i launch the example file 'joystick.pd'

joystick object loaded (J. Sarlo)
configuring joystick:
  found 10 axes
  found 0 buttons

then the application performs an illegal operation and says it will be shut down...

some reference is made on the download site of the need to do a  'makefile' after unzipping

problem is i am not sure what this is, or how i do it... can anyone help me here?



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