[PD] dollarsigns in GUI objects

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Wed Sep 12 10:34:31 CEST 2001

i tried to use dollarsigns in the GUI-Objects and after some trying i found
maybe a possible handling:
if you type "\$1" instead of "$1" the properties-dialog takes it and next
time fills it with the arguments given.
i recognized that (at least in windows) you should not mix up slash and a
backslash. the slash confuses the object.
i think the problem of copying objects with certain properties also appeared
with upper und lower limits of numberboxes or when copying arrays. the
recieves and sends are - for me - very helpful!

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> My own question is how to prevent confusion when all the controls can have
> "send" and "receive" connections that you don't know about until you open
> the dialog.  Someone could get in serious trouble copying and pasting
> and wondering why they all seem to jump at once...!  Also I'm baffled how
> deal with dollar signs in send and receive names for GUIs.

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