[PD] harddisc activity blocks sound playback

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Sep 13 13:54:02 CEST 2001

Norbert Math wrote:

> i can play back a single stereo soundfile, but
> playback will stutter as long as the harddisc gets busier.
> eg. i can't play 2 soundfiles simultaneosly under pd
> i 've been playing around with many combinations of pd flags
> including realtime and pd suid root with no results.
> also doctoring around with hdparm didn't help.
have you tried the "-c 1" flag for hdparm to enable 32bit-I/O-support ?

> the box is:
> debian testing 2.4.9
> one ide drive /dev/hda
> e2fs on / reiserfs on /usr and /home
> rme hammerfall light
> athlon 1.4 GHz

this should definitely rock !
note, that i do not remember having problems with a rme-9652 and
kernel-2.4.3 (or something),
although i had to compile the kernel myself then.
i am sure, that i could play-bac 2 files at least.

which soundfile-player do you use ?
under linux i definitely suggest using miller's "readsf" instead of
zexy's "sfplay~" !!
could this be the problem ?


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