[PD] harddisc activity blocks sound playback - solved!

Norbert Math math at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Sep 13 18:27:54 CEST 2001

first i want to thank you for the suggestions!

i got the problem near to solved by increasing the
buffersize as guenter suggested. 
pd 0.34.2,  s_linux.c, near line 666:

   if (linux_fragsize)
           /*   post("warning: overiding blocksize to 64!");
            linux_fragsize = 64; */
              post("hack: warning: overiding blocksize to 1024!");
            linux_fragsize = 1024;

i still get loops sometimes - they sound lovlier now :-) but i can 
rearrange the pd patch o avoid them.
on the long run i consider to apply the low-latency kernel patches.
(demudi will come with them, i guess?)

thank you all again

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, guenter geiger wrote:

> I don't think so.
> I'm not sure if the pd-0.34 has the same thing, but the buffersize for
> the RME is changed to use 64 samples (the smallest buffer you can get
> for the rme), no matter what buffersize you request.
> Linux without the low latency patches isn't suited for this short buffers
> when doing harddisk I/O.
> Even with lowlatency you are living on the edge with this setting.
> The only way I found to change this was editting s_linux.c
> Guenter

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