[PD] dollarsigns in GUI objects

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Fri Sep 21 00:24:41 CEST 2001


yes, it is broken...

the reconvert2unique() function added to g_7_guis.c in 0.34-2
in order to patch one hole has apparently opened another one.
It does what should never be done: changes the name of a symbol
stored in symbol-table (probably it would work if it was done
to a copy of this symbol)...

but anyway those $-send/receives in gui objects are simply
experimental, do not use them (yet?)


d wrote:
> hi krzysztof, hi list!
> after downloading and installing pd0.34-2 the \$0/#0-hack doesn't work
> in any way for me...
> no reaction with "send $0-xyz", no reaction with "send 1000-xyz".
> it seems totally broken.

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