[PD] writing scores[!] in pd?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Sep 26 15:08:27 CEST 2001


seq-alike would be nice, but maybe, as a simpler solution,
`could sombody' first try to add midifile saving/loading capabilities
to the qlist?

As I will soon badly need some sort of a quick midifile<->Pd converter,
I could volunteer to write a prototype version of the methods handling
the two messages, say 'mfread' and 'mfwrite', if only I knew this:

1. is adding such methods to qlist a proper way?

2. what syntax to choose for midi events?

3. what to do with those 'cues' (messages stored in a qlist) that do
not conform to the choosen syntax?

My current views are that

re 1. not me to decide, but at least it is better then any solution
external to Pd (like a separate convertion utility or a realtime
connection to a sequencer);

re 2. since the general syntax is:

<delay-time> <target> <selector> <data>

probably <target> should be ignored, and <selector> used as a status
byte (event type);

re 3. some could be ignored, other mapped to meta-events.

(I remember Joseph A. Sarlo mentioning he has made some relevant work)


Jřrgen Mortensesn wrote:
> response. Could somebody rewrite the wonderful little object seq
> (midisequenser) from MAX?

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