[PD] [devel] reentrant qlist revisited

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Sep 26 18:01:11 CEST 2001


after proposing midifile<->qlist addition I thought I would check
the recently changed qlist version.

First of all, it still gives an error while running

... <target> next; <delay> <target> ...

sequence, if <target>'s output is connected to qlist's input.
I am now looking at the code, and suspect that the added
x_reentered flag-field is meant to break infinite loops,
occuring when a qlist object is self-feeding itself with
a 'rewind' message.

Well, reading code is misleading most of the time, so I may be
wrong, but if not, then it is rather a `restarted' flag.

So my question is this: what about recursive `next' message?
Can we simply say, that it should not be used?  Maybe so, but
maybe there is even simpler solution.  What happens now is

1. qlist_donext() in passes 1 to n of its main loop reads all
not delayed messages up to a recursive `next';

2. recursive `next' causes invocation of a child-call of

3. a child-call reads remaining messages up to a float (delay)
and quits;

4. in pass n+1 of the main loop of parent-call, qlist_donext()
reuses a previous target, passing it a new target as a message
selector -- error.

Target reusing should happen iff a new message is preceded by
a comma -- or am I completely wrong here?  If I am right, then
maybe instead of checking, if we are going to read a new target,
ie. instead of using a `semicolon-flag', it would be better to
use a `comma-flag', ie. to check, if we are going to use
a previous target.

This change would protect from semicolon-swallowing recursion.

Btw. what is the policy about adding pointers to qlists?
It is now possible, but 1) pointer values cannot be saved in
a file, and 2) in the current implementation pointers act as
`comments', ie. everything starting from the pointer and up to
a comma or a semicolon is ignored.


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