[PD] comport & extended ascii

Joreg Diessl joreg at gmx.at
Thu Sep 27 20:31:03 CEST 2001


i try to use comport on a w2k-pc. it basically works, but when i get to
send numbers higher than 128 the serial device on the other hand doesn't
react as it is supposed to.

when i watched the output of comport via a conzole on another pc it
didn't show me the correct characters according to the extended

at http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/papers/ascii.html i saw that there are 
two different extended ascii-sets. so maybe [comport] sends the wrong
set for me. 
i am not into c++ but in delphi there a functions: CharToOEM() and
OEMToChar which convert between the OEM and the ANSI table. could that
be a solution? 

in comport.c i found the following at line 723:
> static void comport_float(t_comport *x,t_float f)
> {
>  unsigned char chr = ((int) f) & 0xFF; /* brutal conv */
>  if (write_serial(x,chr) != 1)
>    {
>	 post("Write error, maybe TX-OVERRUNS on serial line");
>    }
i guess that's where one should do the conversion...
if so...could someone do..and recompile? ahm.

or any other suggestions...

pd: ascii. 
joreg: gesundheit.

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