[PD] .pdrc ?

Michal Seta mis at creazone.com
Wed Jan 16 19:29:18 CET 2002

On 1/16/02 11:52 AM, oliver stotz @ oliver at klingt.org wrote:

> sorry, if this was an issue before...
> i'm not sure whether .pdrc in linux overrides flags specified in the
> command line or the other way round ?

command line overrides the .pdrc file.

> are there any ways to define different pd-settings for different
> purposes?

You could create executable shell scripts that call pd with different
command line switches.  And optionally have a .pdrc for settings that are
common to all versions.  Otherwise you can do without .pdrc

> another thing i discovered is, that the iemlib-sliders when used
> excessively (i.e. by sending a stream of numbers to it ) take a deadly
> amount of CPU. the speed of the stream of numbers has not been that
> dramatic (a metro with 200ms) but still my CPU went berserk. is there a
> way (i.e. by setting a specific flag) to reduce the gui-priority, like
> the "overdrive"-option in max/msp ?

It is a known issue that the gui eats up CPU cycles (esp.  redrawing).  I
avoid using complex gui items for monitoring purposes and i get rid of
"animated" items altogether when I don't need to look at them anymore.  Or
hide them in subpatches which you can close and not worry about screen
redrawing when performance is at stake.


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