[PD] [announce] faster, faster sonogram~

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Jan 18 13:46:36 CET 2002

hi miller,

that's perfectly correct ( as usual  ),
all those who make graphical externs
should keep that in mind.
I guess this limitation is due to the stack limit.

[ I should have asked www.askmiller.com ] :-)

so, right now, a version [v0.2+] is available
and i couldn't provoke any crash with it yet.
i guess this object is quite complete now,
i'll be moving to something else
( like mp3decode~ )
which is missing to receive 
a shoutcast sream.

cheers and thanx a lot !!!


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> Hi all,
> There's a maximum of 2K bytes per message to the GUI than sys_vgui can
> handle.  if you have a variable-size message to send to the GUI, it's
> better to use sys_gui() which doesn't impose any limit.  This
> might be the problem here...
> cheers
> Miller

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