[PD] [announce] faster, faster sonogram~

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Fri Jan 18 06:54:06 CET 2002

Hi all,

There's a maximum of 2K bytes per message to the GUI than sys_vgui can
handle.  if you have a variable-size message to send to the GUI, it's
better to use sys_gui() which doesn't impose any limit.  This
might be the problem here...


On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 06:04:26AM +0100, Yves Degoyon wrote:
> hi,
> well, i've got good news and bad ones.
> let's start with the good ones :
> a new release of sonogram~ [v0.2] is available,
> it's way faster than [v0.1].
> i've totally changed the tk part
> and now all the updates are made 
> block by block unlike in [v0.1]
> where it was made point by point.
> i didn't know, at first, that tk was able
> to let you draw inside an image.
> using this feature lets you handle one single
> tk object and, thus, all graphic operations 
> are efficient and the object is usable
> in a real-time context.
> but, because there's a but,
> and that's the bad news,
> when blocks are too big, pd craches.
> Considering that the size of a sonogram's block
> is the dac block size multiplied by the 
> zoom factor, if you increase those
> values, you easily reprodruce the crash.
> using a debugguer, the stack indicates the crash 
> happens out of my code.
> my guess is that messages sent to the interface become too big.
> if someone could try to debug this,
> i'd be grateful.
> anyway, if you use default settings 
> ( dac block size = 256, zoom factor = 1),
> it works fine and quickly.
> Enjoy!!
> cheers,
> Yves/

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