[PD] help!

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 14:29:58 CET 2002

I suggest that you look in the Pd documentation, I'm
sure there is an amplitude modulator in there although
you will have to experiment a bit with it! I'm afriad
that about as much as I'm going to do, try it
yourself, it's not too difficult!

 --- Manuel Pestana <dreedee at netcabo.pt> wrote: > hey,
I need some help with a PD program I have to
> turn in on monday morning, if any of you could help
> me on this it wuold be very cool, it´s very simple.
> Here goes what the teacher asked me to do:
> "6  AM Radio
> AM_signal = information_signal * carrier_wave
> You are to build a PD program that creates a
> modulated signal (AM). It must be possible to
> visualize 3 signals ( AM signal, information signal
> and carrier wave signal) using the array objects.
> The system must be prepared to work with the
> following AM radio channels : Channel 1 (720KHz),
> Channel 2 (1251KHz) e any other channel at your
> discretion. "
> If any of you out there could build this simple
> program for me, please email me ASAP!
> thankz!
> Manuel Pestana

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