[PD] Anyone compiling externals with Dev-C++ IDE??

Akira Abe akiraa181 at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Jan 21 16:43:13 CET 2002

I'm sorry that I have gone off half-cocked.
And then I have bad news for you.

You can not directly link in libraries from MS VC++
to another compilers such as Cygwin or Mingw.

The library file formats are specific to particular compilers
and can not be used portably with different compilers
unless the compiler provides support for it.
You need to rebuild a import library(pd.lib or libpd.a) to link against.
In order to make a import library, you can use any of the following methods:

In the case of Cygwin:
Create a def file.

	echo EXPORTS > pd.def
	nm pd.dll | grep ' T _' | sed 's/.* T _//' >> pd.def

Once you have the .def file, you can create an import library from it.

	dlltool --def pd.def --dllname pd.dll --output-lib libpd.a

In the case of The Free Borland C++Builder Compiler:
You can use command "implib.exe" to make an import library.

	implib.exe -a pd.lib pd.dll

Either way, you probably will be able to link a dll.

Akira Abe

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Thank you everyone for offering me help with VC++ but I'm actually using
This is an open source IDE containing a WIN32 port of the GNU GCC.

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