[PD] [announce] [linux] [alpha] mp3live~ : a peer-to-peer streamer.

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Jan 22 18:43:05 CET 2002


here is an alpha release of an mp3 streamer for pd.
this package [ mp3live~ ] contains two objects :


< Dependencies>
        Lame 3.89
    <Conflicts with>
    </Conflicts with>

Indeed, d_mp3 rewrites most of the mpglib
which is needed by mp3live~, 
and, unfortunately, the routines from d_mp3
will not work with mp3live~.
it needs mpglib which is bundled with lame,
that's why you should not load d_mp3
before using mp3live~.

btw, i can't see why mpglib has been embedded in d_mp3
and why it is so often rewritten ( for xmms, for mpg123, .... ),
the version included in lame is OK.

+ Olaf reported to me that mpglib does not exist on Windows,
but, i've found a Microsoft Dev Studio project file
in the distribution, so the port to windows
should not be that far away.
I'm joining the file to this mail,
just in case you don't have it 
in your lame's distro.

it works right now but is still alpha for the following reasons :

a/ resampling is not supported.
b/ mono is not supported.

i might do that soon.

Enjoy !!



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