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marco trevisani marco at ccrma.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 24 03:10:23 CET 2002

On  Wednesday, 23 January 2002 18:23:49 David Plans Casal wrote:

>    btw, has anyone put up any comments/suggestions on pd/demudi after Havana?

...not much work has been done after habana. Few upgrades. The system is 
working, i'm running it on two machines.

Now the projects is in a "sleeping" stage. Guenter is very busy with his new 
job and i'm very busy too with my new baby.

In few weeks i could go back to demudi and what is really needed now is to 
find mantainers for the packages included in Demudi Alpha plus new mantainrs 
for new applications.

Also in spring will start a new european funded project from which DeMuDi 
should also benefit.
So the project is still alive it just needs a bit of reorganization.

So far i'm running demudi on a desktop machine and on a laptop ( a part that 
i'm having the problems i mentioned in my previous email.)


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