[PD] PD+Csound related questions

Nicolas Lhommet nlhommet at netcourrier.com
Sat Jan 26 04:37:25 CET 2002

From: "vanDongen/Gilcher" <gml at xs4all.nl> :

> Matt Ingalls is writing a MAX/MSP csound~ object :
> >i am pleased to announce a beta version of csound~, the max/msp external
> >object:

From: "CK" <x at meta.lo-res.org> :

> > How difficult would it be to port this to pd?
> I guess provided he shares the sources not at all
> > I think the csound~ object is supposed to be open-sourced in some form
> > another.
> not on the website, just patches an external and a precompiled csoundlib
> I'll nevertheless try to contact him about it (actually I did that a few
> days ago when he first mentioned it on the cs list)

From: "Greg Rippin" <gmr222 at nyu.edu> :

> Amen.  I've been trying to pipefit csound with pd for awhile now, and it
> been quite difficult.

From: "Krzysztof Czaja" <czaja at chopin.edu.pl> :
(about csound opcodes)
> with clever little preprocessing they should be possible to generate
> `on demand' (for research and educational purposes only), bypassing
> all the licensing clashes.  Has anyone thought about this?


Some points still remain unclear to me :

- Which are the licensing issues if someone wants to reuse some csound
source code to port an opcode to Pd as an external ? (what exactly are those
"licensing clashes" ?)

- Krzysztof, are you talking about some 'csound-opcodes-plugin' object ?

- Is someone here working on this kind of  pd 'csound~' external project ?

- Is it possible to build such an external for Pd ? (Greg, what are the main
difficulties you had to deal with ? )

- What would be the differences with Orm Finnendahl's 'piping into csound'
solution in term of performance, features and useability ?

It seems someone recently did a "Call for a pd Csound Object/plugin~" on the
csound ml. Any news ? (the csound list web archive is unreachable tonight).
About porting the max/msp csound~ object to Pd, did you (CK) get any info or
source code from Matt Ingalls ?

best regards

PS : any help or answer about my previous post ("templates...") would be
greatly appreciated :)

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