[PD] ASIO drivers in windows

Christian Guirreri cguirrer at runet.edu
Mon Jan 28 03:56:18 CET 2002

At 03:09 PM 1/27/2002 -0800, you wrote:
Come to think of it, what's the cheapest soundcard ASIO supports?

I don't usually post here, but thought I'd butt in.  There are in fact 
rebuilt ASIO drivers for the Creative Labs Soundblaster Live series of 
soundcards.  I've tried the "APSLive" drivers on an original SB Live in 
Win98se and they work superbly.  Soundblaster cards can be had anywhere 
from $25 to $100+ depending on the type of product you get.


In pro audio, M-Audio's Audiophile 2496 is only about $140.  I use an Echo 
Mia, and its about $180-$200, with really nice DirectX, MME, GSIF, and ASIO 


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