[PD] USB to MIDI converter with Linux drivers , any suggestions?

Jim Ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Fri Feb 1 19:51:12 CET 2002

Thanks Bill,
I'll have a look at this. The one thing that scares me a bit is the part 
where it says you have to load new firmware into the device. Yikes! Not 
so bad if it is reversible. Anyone else try this driver with a midisport 

>I have the same interface myself so if you try this, let me know how it
>turns out...
>on 2/1/02 7:33 AM, Jim Ruxton at cinetron at passport.ca wrote:
>>As mentioned in another thread I'm switching over to Linux from windows.
>>I can't seem to find Linux drivers for my USB to MIDI interface
>>(MIDISPORT 2x2 from Midiman) . Just wondering if anyone has any
>>suggestions for a replacement to the MIDISPORT with LInux drivers or
>>knows where I can find Linux drivers for the MIDISPORT. Thanks!

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