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Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Feb 1 21:15:24 CET 2002


i've added a new component to mp3live~ :

mp3fileout~ : it lets stream an mp3 file from your hard disk.

well, it will not work with ANY mp3 files
because some of those files contain some
junk header which i don't know how to handle.
but, it will work with the files you record 
with mp3write~ or produce with other software
like Audio Catalyst.

i did not test every bitrate/samplerate/qualities
but default ones will work.

btw, i've noticed another unpleasant features
of the new graphs :

it takes much more time to update
and, each time i request a tabwrite~,
i'm sure to get a click.
this did not happen with PD <= 0.35 test 4.



PS : just a reminder, do not load d_mp3
if you want to use mp3live~.

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