[PD] [announce] shoutamp~

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Feb 5 00:40:36 CET 2002

> hello yves,
> i experienced some stability issues with shoutamp~. pd often crashes
> when opening a stream. sometimes it crashes after a while (minutes or
> some 10 minutes).

more about circumstances ??? i don't experience this on a LAN.
i guess it's an input shortage.

> also shoutamp~ doesn't play low bitrate streams.

how low are they ?? did not test all of them.

> i'm very new to pd: is it possible to automatically resample shoutamp~
> output to 44100 khz (or another fixed sample rate), if i don't know the
> sample rate of the incoming stream?

no, resampling is not supported [yet].

> how could i open shoutcast streams (which have no filename /
> mountpoint)?

today's release supports this,
you have to use "shoutcast" as the mountpoint.
but, you've got to update.



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