[PD] what is the current state of the support for the Alsa Hammerfall driver?

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Thu Feb 14 00:19:15 CET 2002


günter geiger hat gesagt: // günter geiger wrote:

> :) yes, but some times you are not able  to run ALSA specific apps
> on ALSA ... and exactly this is the problem with ALSA support for pd,
> once added it was constantly breaking on each update.
> I have been assured that this  is not going to happen that often now
> the API is stable, but still this was the main reason I stopped
> implementing things in ALSA some years ago, ...

Some years is really a long time. The last bigger change in ALSA's
API since months was the moving of the ALSA header files from sys/ to
alsa/. This resulted in some compiler warnings about a deprecated header
location, but nothing else. The next change is a renaming of kernel
modules in CVS, that was required by Linus for the inclusion of ALSA in
kernel 2.5. Some simple alias definitions should fix that, too.

Apart from that, the 0.9.0 API is very stable. I have some ALSA native
apps (that included PD) running here without problems through at least
5 minor beta versions of ALSA without the need to recompile. And PD I
of course recompile with each new version, here I can use anything from
beta6 (or older, don't remember) to beta10: PD will work anyways.

I have no experience with RME cards, but I don't understand, why it
should be recommended to use OSS drivers for a "Pro" card like the
Hammerfalls, when ALSA tries to build the "Pro" API.

I'm just asking myself: What should I (we) tell someone that intends to
use a Hammerfall with PD: Install ALSA, or install the OSS drivers? Will
PD work with RME/ALSA? The anwer given on linux-audio-[dev|user] is
usually ALSA.

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